This hotel is a subsidiary of YENİGÜN FAMILY
General View from Kasr-i Nehroz Hotel
Kasr-ı Nehroz
Kasr-ı Nehroz… A dignified, strong building which witnessed to most of the periods of the history of 1600 years... It seems as if it promises to tell mysterious stories at first sight with its epic silhouette, its noble form which evokes a medallion, its proud walls which try to keep away itself from the unsteadiness of the Middle Age and its two towers that rise upright as if it challenges the changing ages…

Kasr-ı Nehroz will open the way for Midyat to become a new focal point of departure and accommodation for the trips organized to the region with its wide touristic hinterland and its historical beauties. The alternative trips centring Midyat would help countless nearby historical wealth come to light.

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This hotel is a subsidiary of YENİGÜN FAMILY
KASR-I NEHROZ HOTEL --- Address:IŞIKLAR MAH. 219 SOK. NO. 14 , Midyat-Mardin/TURKEY --- Tel: +90 (482) 464 25 25 --- Fax: +90(482) 464 25 01 --- E-Mail: